MINIGAN is a containerised standard cryogenic plant for the production of high purity nitrogen gas and is suitable for outdoor installation on simple foundations. This plant range is based on liquid inject technology.

The MINIGAN comprises of factory assembled modules: the warm end containers and the cold-box. Where applicable these modules are connected at our factory during the factory performance test. Consequently, re-commissioning on a customer’s site can be minimised. Typically 1 to 4 weeks depending on plant size.


MINIGAN - Capacity

Linde CryoPlants provides the following range of standard MINIGANs:

Model   Nm³/hour NOMINAL Gaseous Nitrogen
MINIGAN 200   250
MINIGAN 450   550
MINIGAN 450s   670
MINIGAN 900   950
MINIGAN 900s   1200
MINIGAN 1200   1200
MINIGAN 1800   2500

The MINIGAN plant can also be modified to satisfy specific customer requirements. Higher capacities are available on request.

MINIGAN - Features

All plants are factory-tested, containerised and easy to install

LIN-Assist operation

Ambient temperature range -35°C to +45°C

Compact footprint and simple foundation slab

Unattended operation

Safe shutdown in case of power failure

Automatic weekly start-up & shutdown is available

Climate controlled warm container

Plant status signals (flow, pressure, purity)

Alarm and pre-alarm signals

No cooling water or instrument air required

All weather outdoor installation

Plant automatically restarts upon resumption of power

Telemetry permits remote communication and remote control

Option for dust filters and frequency controller on compressor

Low noise option

Online oxygen analyser


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